Mistakes we make in content marketing

Do you still believe that content marketing is based on writing a post on your blog with more than 300 words? In that case, pay attention to what we are here to tell you today.

The content marketing is still today a very good way to get qualified traffic to your website or online store and get leads quality for your company , but it seems that today, with the amount of content being generated daily in your sector around the world, getting a lead seems something more like getting the holy grail …

And it is not surprising, since more than 4 million entries are published in daily blogs, it is practically impossible to talk about something that nobody has written before, but that is precisely the crux of the matter. It is very difficult to generate unique content. What we can do is write quality articles that interest our audience.

On many occasions, it is good to review content that we have created a long time ago and, with a content update, could climb positions in the results and bring us more traffic.

Study your audience and pay attention to what they want to read.

If we don’t write about topics our audience wants to read, who will?

Forget about digging into the blogs of other companies or world-renowned websites and looking for ideas for your articles, because most likely the theme is far from the interests of your audience.

You should talk about what is useful for them and perhaps help them understand why they need your services, that we talk about how to do a backlink audit is not going to interest most, on the other hand, if we talk about small success stories Companies like yours that thanks to SEO have increased their sales, will better capture your attention.

A good tactic for researching topics that are of possible interest to your audience is to address topics that are a current trend.

This will bring you a lot of traffic in a short time, however, keep in mind that combining them with topics that are always on everyone’s lips and attract a large audience will always attract people.

Or you can even use the related searches that Google offers you when you type a keyword to find related topics that users are looking for at the moment to write a post.


Let’s be honest, when we ourselves are going to read a blog post, when we see that everything is text, many times we don’t even finish reading it.

Posts that combine different forms of content and include images and / or videos are proven to work better.

Even so, do not think that with two simple photos is enough, as we have already said, videos are usually a good way to maintain the interest of readers , but so are infographics, which in turn help reinforce our discourse .

In the long run, another very good strategy that you can do is to “rescue” old posts and turn them into visual, educational and easy-to-share infographics on social networks or on any platform.

In this way, you will be favoring your website traffic.

What about CTAs?

Once we have managed to attract a person to read our content, if we do not call to action in some way, we will lose it in a matter of minutes and with it the possibility of becoming a lead.

It is not about harassing the reader with constant CTAs (Call to Action) , but rather about introducing some attention calls around the post, either to subscribe to the newsletter, to offer an exclusive discount or to be able to contact you.

Last but not least, when writing your post, optimize it as much as possible, work on the keywords you are going to introduce, so it will be more visible and will help you position.

In short, everyone agrees that content marketing is useful and necessary to attract leads and to position our site, but we must take into account some points that will help you improve the quality of your content so that they are more attractive and interesting.

At SEO Sydney , as a digital marketing agency , we work so that all the content we create meets the required quality standard, focusing on the scope of work of each client and the interests of their own audience.

Each case is different and we must work them independently to achieve the best results.

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