The importance of quality link building in 2021

Within the world of SEO, almost no one dares to doubt the importance of link building, but at SEO Sydney, we are convinced that from 2021, quality link building will still be more important.

Last November 2020, Google made public in a statement from developers that the experience on the page could become a relevant positioning factor as of May 2021.

Behavior as a positioning key is not new

For years, Google has taken into account user preferences when choosing each page and interacting with it to determine if it is attractive and useful when it comes to positioning the content, at the level of clicks (CTR) and interactions on the page.

The different patents that it has been developing from 2016 to 2019 are aimed at favoring the pages that receive links that generate traffic and interactions on the page. Therefore, it would be the user who determines which links are really relevant and Google would take note to benefit them with better positions.

This is something that will be maintained with the new algorithm change and that we must take into account to determine our link building strategies in 2021.

Likewise, Google will continue to use clicks (CTR) to determine which user searches perform best.

But, as of May 2021, it seems that new signals of experience on the page gain more importance throughout this process and will mark the path of on page seo in the coming months or years.

What are the signs of experience on the page

The experience of the page indicates that Google will continue to use for the classification of the websites, the ones it already uses: compatibility with mobile devices, HTTPS security, non-intrusive interstitials, …) with Core Web Vitals , which includes three elements:

  1. Loading (LCP):  Painting of the most visible content of the page before scrolling. Less than 2.5 sec.
  2. Interactivity (FID):  Time until the web reacts to an action (a click on a link). Less than 0.1 sec
  3. Visual Stability (CLS):  Sum of the frequency and magnitude of changes in size and position of elements during charging. Less than 0.1

We will really see the importance of these signals from May 2021, but it is even said that you could consider putting a visual indicator for the websites that meet the signals.


Everything will be seen. But the truth is that if in addition to the overall loading speed, traffic and interaction on the page are going to continue to be important when it comes to positioning, the truth is that it complicates our lives a little more when it comes to link building .

It is increasingly important to get new links to our websites to generate popularity and authority, but it is also increasingly important that these links provide additional traffic (whether organic or social), but it is also increasingly important that this traffic interacts on our website.

Press releases with little interest, sponsored posts with highly transactional links, blogs or web pages with very wide audiences,… will gradually cease to be the easy resource to get links, because they will add little value to the web. Analyze the referred traffic or the campaigns (if you have created them) to check the result in traffic of the links that you have obtained in the last months and draw your own conclusions.

We have little time left to try to adapt our websites as much as possible to the loading speed signals. The linkbuilding from May 2021, possibly is something more than buying link packages, making press releases, in media full of press releases, or getting links in blogs of more or less known universities.

I do not know, if you think the same or you think we can continue with the usual.

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