10 Fun and Affordable Ways to Celebrate Your Child's Milestones During the Pandemic

Apr 27, 2020


As parents, we understand the importance of celebrating our children's milestones. These special moments mark their growth and achievements, and they deserve to be cherished. The pandemic may have changed the way we approach celebrations, but it doesn't mean we can't make them memorable. In this article, we will share 10 fun and affordable ways to celebrate your child's milestones during the pandemic.

1. Virtual Parties

With social distancing measures in place, virtual parties have become the new norm. Organize a virtual gathering with friends and family to celebrate your child's milestone. Use video conferencing platforms to connect, play games, sing happy birthday, and make your child feel loved and special.

2. Drive-By Celebrations

Create a drive-by celebration where friends and family can drive by your home, honk their car horns, and wave to your child on their special day. Decorate your front yard, play some music, and make it a memorable experience for your little one.

3. DIY Decorations

Get creative and involve your child in making DIY decorations for their milestone celebration. From handmade banners and signs to colorful balloons and streamers, these homemade decorations will add a personal touch and make the event extra special.

4. Outdoor Picnic

Take advantage of the great outdoors and have a picnic to celebrate your child's milestone. Find a nearby park or a spacious backyard, pack a delicious lunch, bring some games and activities, and enjoy quality time together as a family.

5. Virtual Talent Show

Showcase your child's talents and skills by organizing a virtual talent show. Encourage them to prepare a performance, whether it be singing, dancing, magic tricks, or any other talent they have. Invite friends and family to watch and cheer on your little star.

6. Theme Parties at Home

Create a themed party at home to make your child's milestone celebration even more exciting. Whether it's a superhero party, princess party, or sports-themed party, dress up, decorate the house accordingly, and engage in themed activities and games.

7. Time Capsule

Start a time capsule tradition to commemorate your child's milestone. Have them choose items or write letters that represent their current interests and favorite memories. Seal the time capsule and store it in a safe place. Open it together in the future to reminisce about this special time in their lives.

8. Virtual Experiences

Explore virtual experiences to celebrate your child's milestone. From virtual museum tours to online workshops and classes, there are plenty of opportunities to engage your child in new and exciting activities. Research age-appropriate virtual experiences and let your child choose what interests them the most.

9. Movie Night

Host a movie night at home to celebrate your child's milestone. Set up a cozy movie area with blankets, pillows, and their favorite snacks. Choose a selection of age-appropriate movies that hold special meaning for your child and enjoy a cinematic experience together.

10. Surprise Gifts

Surprise your child with a special gift to mark their milestone. It could be a toy they've been wanting, a book that sparks their imagination, or an experience voucher for a future outing or activity. The element of surprise will make the celebration even more memorable for your little one.


Although the pandemic has presented challenges, it hasn't stopped us from celebrating our child's milestones. With a little creativity and imagination, we can make these moments memorable and filled with joy. Implement these 10 fun and affordable ways to celebrate your child's milestones during the pandemic and create lasting memories that your child will cherish for years to come.

Jonathan Schwartz
These ideas are so creative! 🎉💡 I love how they are budget-friendly too, especially during this challenging time. It's important to find joy and celebrate our children's milestones, even if we have to adapt and make adjustments. Thank you for sharing these fantastic suggestions! 👏👏
Nov 11, 2023
Francois Maurier
These ideas are creative and budget-friendly! Great suggestions for celebrating milestones during the pandemic.
Oct 12, 2023