Improve the positioning of your Stories on Instagram

That Instagram is one of the social networks that reign among society is not a great secret, but that day after day they work to “try to improve”, or at least that is what they consider.

In May 2019, a new function was incorporated into the stories, a tab called “Explore”, based on the algorithm and the behavior that users have among their interests, uses of the social network and it.

With this small change, it has been thought so that content creators can get closer to new audiences, but… Has it been effective?

Not everyone is satisfied with the algorithm changes that Instagram introduces every two by three, and many professional influencers complain about it. As a result of this problem, how could the positioning in Instagram stories be improved?

The tricks to improve in your “stories”

There are many tips and many ways to improve many social media strategies , and the following tips that we give you will help you, and much of what we tell you about.


The probability that the story will be seen, or at least the users will stay in an Instagram story is higher, that’s for sure. But with this type of content you can position better than other types.


This was the reason why Instagram stories were born, and that is that communicating through images / videos in front of the text itself, gains more ground. An example of this is that if you publish a story in the question format, the answer will always be better to make a video or an image than a large paragraph.


Publishing the same, or even similar, content both in stories and in the post itself increases the probability of being more popular in the face of the network’s algorithm, and of the users who follow a brand. Taking advantage of the new “explore” function, this action will be reflected.


Try not to repost or share images from other profiles to avoid the disparagement of Instagram, and to be faithful to a strategy, creating your own content to reflect a specific personal and business brand project.


As we have mentioned, the “explore” section aims to share similar content between accounts for the interests of users, and in which they have the potential for interaction.

In short, following a good social media strategy, in this case Instagram, is essential for the online marketing of a brand / company to be a success or not, since the convergence between all the factors, well treated, make projects take off to infinity and beyond.

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