BOCES' Workers' Compensation Consortium Saves Millions

Jul 5, 2018

Welcome to BOCES' Workers' Compensation Consortium, where workplace safety and cost savings go hand in hand. Our consortium brings together a group of businesses from various industries, pooling their resources to create a comprehensive workers' compensation program that not only protects employees but also saves millions of dollars.

Why Choose BOCES' Workers' Compensation Consortium?

When it comes to workers' compensation, businesses often face high premiums and increased costs, impacting their bottom line. However, BOCES' consortium offers a unique solution that can help businesses of all sizes effectively manage their workers' compensation insurance while promoting workplace safety.

With our consortium, businesses benefit from:

  • Cost Savings: By pooling resources, our consortium enables businesses to access more favorable rates and significantly reduce their workers' compensation premiums. This translates into substantial savings that can be reinvested in business growth.
  • Expertise and Support: Our team of experienced professionals specializes in workers' compensation management and can provide guidance, support, and advice to ensure compliance with regulations and efficient claims handling.
  • Enhanced Safety Measures: Workplace safety is a top priority for our consortium. By sharing best practices and implementing comprehensive safety programs, members can reduce the number of workplace accidents and injuries, leading to further cost savings.
  • Networking Opportunities: Joining our consortium opens doors to valuable networking opportunities. Connect with like-minded businesses, exchange ideas, and learn from industry leaders in order to improve your own workplace safety practices and overall business operations.

Promoting Workplace Safety

At BOCES' Workers' Compensation Consortium, we firmly believe that prevention is key. Our dedicated safety committee works closely with members to develop customized safety plans and implement effective safety measures. By proactively addressing potential hazards, businesses can create an environment that prioritizes employee well-being and minimizes risks.

Members of the consortium have access to a range of tools and resources that support their safety initiatives, including:

  • Safety Training Programs: Our consortium offers comprehensive safety training programs tailored to the specific needs of each industry. From proper lifting techniques to emergency response protocols, we ensure that employees are equipped with the knowledge and skills to work safely.
  • On-Site Safety Audits: Our team performs regular on-site safety audits to identify potential hazards, assess current safety practices, and recommend improvements. This proactive approach helps businesses stay ahead of compliance issues and maintain a safe working environment.
  • Industry Research and Updates: As part of our commitment to ongoing improvement, we stay updated with the latest industry research and developments in workers' compensation. We share this knowledge with our members, keeping them informed and equipped to make informed decisions.

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Patrick Lamoria
Great initiative 💪 Saving money while prioritizing employee safety is a win-win situation! 👏
Nov 11, 2023