Online High School Offerings Expand to 80 Courses at Western Suffolk BOCES

Jun 4, 2019


Welcome to Western Suffolk BOCES, where we pride ourselves on providing high-quality education options to meet the diverse needs of our students. In this digital era, we understand the importance of flexibility and accessibility in education, which is why we are excited to announce the expansion of our online high school offerings to a total of 80 courses!

Why Choose Online High School?

Online high school provides a unique learning experience that offers several advantages over traditional classroom settings. Our online courses allow students to:

  • Learn at their own pace: With online courses, students have the flexibility to learn at a pace that suits their individual needs and abilities.
  • Access a wide range of courses: We offer a diverse range of 80 courses across various subjects, ensuring that students can explore their interests and expand their knowledge.
  • Enjoy personalized attention: Our online classes are designed to provide individualized support and guidance to students, ensuring that they receive the attention they need to succeed.
  • Benefit from a flexible schedule: For students who have other commitments, such as part-time jobs or extracurricular activities, online high school allows them to balance their responsibilities while pursuing their education.
  • Prepare for the future: By enrolling in our online high school courses, students gain valuable skills and knowledge that will prepare them for higher education or future career opportunities.

Course Offerings

Our expanded online high school offerings cover a wide range of subjects, ensuring that students have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you're interested in pursuing a career in the arts, sciences, or business, we have courses tailored to your interests. Some of our popular offerings include:

1. Arts and Humanities

  • Introduction to Visual Arts
  • Creative Writing Workshop
  • World Literature
  • Music Appreciation
  • Introduction to Theater

2. Science and Technology

  • Chemistry Basics
  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Biology: The Study of Life
  • Environmental Science
  • Astronomy: Exploring the Universe

3. Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Introduction to Business
  • Marketing Essentials
  • Financial Literacy
  • Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Entrepreneurship: From Idea to Launch

These are just a few examples of the courses we offer. With a total of 80 courses available, you're sure to find ones that align with your interests and educational goals.

Enroll Today and Unlock New Opportunities!

At Western Suffolk BOCES, we believe that education should be accessible to all. By expanding our online high school offerings, we are committed to providing students with the opportunity to pursue their education in a way that fits their unique circumstances.

To enroll in our online high school courses or to learn more about our offerings, please visit our website or contact our admissions office.

Don't miss out on the chance to grow, learn, and unlock new opportunities with Western Suffolk BOCES. Enroll today!

Karen Lennon
This is fantastic news! Western Suffolk BOCES continues to innovate and provide more opportunities for students to access high-quality education. The expansion of online high school offerings to 80 courses reflects their commitment to flexibility and accessibility. Well done!
Nov 11, 2023