10 of 18 Override Attempts Succeed

May 3, 2019


At the School Boards Association, we analyze the current state of school budgets and keep a close eye on important trends in education funding. In this report, we focus our attention on override attempts and their success rate. The data shows that 10 out of the 18 override attempts in recent years have succeeded, indicating a significant shift in school budget decision making.

Understanding Override Attempts

Override attempts refer to initiatives taken by school boards to exceed the limitations imposed by property tax caps or other financial restrictions. These attempts aim to secure additional funding for enhancing educational programs, investing in infrastructure improvements, hiring qualified teachers, and providing students with the resources they need to succeed. The success rate of override attempts directly affects the allocation of funds and impacts the quality of education.

Factors Contributing to Success

Several factors contribute to the success of override attempts:

1. Grassroots Support

A strong support network within the community plays a crucial role. When parents, teachers, and community members actively engage in advocacy efforts, the likelihood of a successful override increases. Grassroots campaigns, including door-to-door canvassing, organizing town hall meetings, and leveraging social media, are effective in garnering support and spreading awareness about the importance of adequate school funding.

2. Effective Communication

Crafting a compelling narrative and effectively communicating the urgency and necessity of additional funding is key. School boards who successfully communicate the positive impact of the override on educational outcomes and the long-term benefits to the community are more likely to gain support from stakeholders.

3. Building Relationships

Establishing strong relationships with local businesses, community organizations, and municipal leaders can make a significant difference. Collaboration and partnerships create a united front advocating for better educational opportunities, strengthening the chances of a successful override attempt.

4. Transparent Financial Planning

Transparency in financial planning is essential when seeking community support. Demonstrating how the additional funds will be allocated and presenting a clear plan for maximizing resources instills confidence in the initiative and removes doubts about mismanagement.

Implications for School Budgets

The success rate of override attempts directly impacts school budgets. When more overrides succeed, schools have access to increased funding, enabling them to offer a wider range of academic programs, extracurricular activities, and student support services. This translates into an enriched learning experience and better educational outcomes for students.

The Impact on the Education System

A higher rate of successful override attempts promotes stability and growth within the education system. Schools can embark on long-term planning, invest in infrastructure improvements, hire and retain the best teachers, and provide the necessary resources for students to thrive. This positive impact resonates throughout the community, attracting families, businesses, and enhancing property values.


The School Boards Association's research shows that 10 out of 18 override attempts have succeeded, underscoring the importance of community engagement, effective communication, relationship-building, and transparent financial planning. These factors are instrumental in securing additional funding and improving educational opportunities for students. As the education system continues to evolve, it is crucial to advocate for the necessary resources to ensure the success and future prosperity of our schools.

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