Teachers create Bitmoji classrooms to offer warmer online experience

Sep 20, 2020

As online learning becomes increasingly prevalent in today's educational landscape, teachers are finding innovative ways to recreate the warmth and sense of community that traditional classrooms offer. One such method gaining popularity is the use of Bitmoji classrooms. By leveraging this virtual tool, educators can create visually appealing and personalized online spaces that engage students and foster a more interactive learning environment.

The Benefits of Bitmoji Classrooms

Bitmoji classrooms offer numerous benefits for teachers and students alike. Firstly, they enable educators to design virtual spaces that reflect their teaching style and personality. By utilizing their own Bitmoji avatars, teachers can personalize the classroom with familiar faces, creating a sense of familiarity and belonging for students.

Additionally, Bitmoji classrooms provide a platform for interactive learning experiences. Teachers can incorporate clickable elements and hyperlinks within the classroom to direct students to various educational resources, videos, or assignments. This not only enhances engagement but also facilitates independent learning and exploration.

Another advantage of Bitmoji classrooms is the opportunity for differentiation and customization. Teachers can design different sections of the classroom to cater to various learning styles or subjects, allowing students to navigate and engage with the content based on their individual preferences.

Creating a Bitmoji Classroom

Building a Bitmoji classroom requires a few simple steps. Firstly, teachers should create their own Bitmoji avatar using the Bitmoji app or browser extension. This avatar becomes the face of the virtual classroom and can be customized to resemble the teacher's physical appearance.

Next, teachers can design the classroom background using a combination of digital tools such as Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Canva. They can include various elements like desks, books, posters, and even virtual representations of themselves and their students. This creative process allows teachers to tailor the classroom to their teaching style and the specific subject matter.

Once the background is set, teachers can start adding interactive elements to the classroom. These can range from hyperlinked objects, educational videos, virtual bulletin boards, or even virtual game-based activities. The possibilities are endless, and teachers can continuously update and evolve their virtual classrooms to align with their teaching goals and the needs of their students.

Taking Engagement to the Next Level

While Bitmoji classrooms already offer an engaging online environment, there are additional strategies teachers can employ to enhance student participation and foster a warmer experience.

One such strategy is integrating multimedia elements such as audio or video recordings. Teachers can record short introductions or instructional videos and embed them within the classroom. This personal touch helps establish a connection between the teacher and the students, making the online learning experience more intimate and personalized.

Furthermore, teachers can encourage student interaction within the Bitmoji classroom by including discussion boards or chat features where students can ask questions, share ideas, or collaborate on assignments. This promotes a sense of community and active engagement, despite the physical distance.


As online learning continues to shape the educational landscape, teachers are finding creative ways to establish a warmer and more inclusive virtual classroom experience. Bitmoji classrooms provide an innovative solution that allows for customization, engagement, and interaction, enabling educators to bridge the gap between traditional and online learning environments.

By utilizing Bitmoji avatars and personalized classroom designs, teachers can create a sense of familiarity and belonging for students, ultimately enhancing their overall learning experience. The ability to integrate multimedia elements and promote student interaction further amplifies the engagement and community-building potential of Bitmoji classrooms. As a result, both teachers and students can thrive in this evolving educational landscape where virtual spaces become hubs of knowledge, imagination, and connection.

Katie Weis
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Nov 10, 2023