Questions and answers on payroll deductions for union dues in light of the Janus decision

Jun 1, 2018

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What is the Janus decision?

The Janus decision, issued by the U.S. Supreme Court in June 2018, declared that public sector employees (non-union members) cannot be compelled to pay union dues or fees as a condition of employment. This landmark decision has significant implications for both employers and employees when it comes to payroll deductions for union dues.

How does the Janus decision impact payroll deductions for union dues?

Prior to the Janus decision, public sector employers could deduct union dues from all employees, regardless of their union membership status. However, in light of the Janus decision, public sector employers are no longer permitted to automatically deduct union dues from non-union members' paychecks without their explicit consent.

It is important to note that union members who have voluntarily chosen to join the union will continue to have their union dues deducted as usual.

Can non-union employees opt-in for payroll deductions?

Yes, non-union employees can still choose to have their union dues deducted from their paychecks. However, they must provide explicit consent for such deductions.

Employers must ensure that non-union employees understand their rights and options regarding payroll deductions for union dues. Employers should communicate clearly with employees and offer them the opportunity to make informed decisions about opting in for deductions.

What are the requirements for obtaining consent for payroll deductions?

Obtaining consent for payroll deductions requires transparency and clarity. Employers must provide non-union employees with written information about their rights, including the right to opt-in or opt-out of payroll deductions for union dues.

Employees must fully understand the implications of their decisions and should have easy access to the necessary forms to provide their consent or withdraw their consent at any time.

Are there any specific timelines or deadlines for obtaining consent?

While the Janus decision does not impose specific timelines or deadlines for obtaining consent, it is crucial for employers to implement clear and consistent practices regarding the collection of consent for payroll deductions.

Employers should aim to provide employees with a reasonable timeframe to consider their options and make informed decisions. It is advisable to establish a process for employees to provide consent or withdraw consent on an ongoing basis.

What are the repercussions for non-compliance with the Janus decision?

Failure to comply with the Janus decision can result in legal consequences for employers. Employers must ensure that their payroll practices align with the requirements set forth in the Janus decision to avoid potential legal disputes.

Additionally, maintaining transparency and open communication with employees is essential to foster a positive working environment and prevent potential misunderstandings or conflicts related to union dues deductions.

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