FMLA Leave for CSE Meetings? U.S. Dept. of Labor Says Yes

Mar 22, 2018

As a leading provider of Business and Consumer Services in the SEO industry, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and employment laws. One important topic that businesses and employees should be aware of is FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) leave for CSE (Child Support Enforcement) meetings. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the U.S. Department of Labor's stance on this matter and its implications for both employers and employees.

What is FMLA Leave?

The Family and Medical Leave Act, commonly known as FMLA, is a federal law that provides eligible employees with job-protected unpaid time off for qualified family and medical reasons. This law enables employees to balance their work and family responsibilities without fear of losing their job or facing negative consequences.

The Importance of CSE Meetings

Child Support Enforcement (CSE) meetings play a vital role in ensuring the financial support and well-being of children in cases involving separated parents or guardians. These meetings typically involve discussing child support payment arrangements, verifying income, addressing child custody matters, and other related issues.

Understanding FMLA Eligibility

It is essential to determine eligibility for FMLA leave before proceeding with requesting time off for CSE meetings. To qualify for FMLA leave, employees must meet certain criteria set by the U.S. Department of Labor:

  • Having worked for the company for at least 12 months
  • Accruing a minimum of 1,250 hours of service during the past 12 months
  • Working at a location where the employer has 50 or more employees within 75 miles

If an employee meets these eligibility requirements, they are entitled to take FMLA leave for various reasons, including attending CSE meetings.

The U.S. Department of Labor's Stance

In recent years, there has been confusion regarding whether or not FMLA leave can be used to attend CSE meetings. However, the U.S. Department of Labor has clarified that employees can indeed utilize FMLA leave for this purpose.

By allowing FMLA leave for CSE meetings, the U.S. Department of Labor emphasizes the importance of parents or guardians being actively involved in child support matters. This decision enables employees to fulfill their responsibilities as part of CSE meetings without jeopardizing their employment status.

Employer Obligations and Considerations

Employers need to be aware of their obligations and responsibilities when it comes to granting FMLA leave for CSE meetings:

  • Recognize that attending CSE meetings can be considered a qualifying reason for FMLA leave
  • Have a clear policy in place that outlines the procedure for requesting and granting FMLA leave
  • Communicate the policy effectively to employees and provide information on how to request FMLA leave
  • Maintain confidentiality and ensure that all personal and sensitive information discussed during CSE meetings remains secure
  • Stay up-to-date with any changes or updates to FMLA regulations

Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Employees who wish to request FMLA leave for CSE meetings should be aware of their rights and responsibilities:

  • Notify their employer in advance, whenever possible, about their intention to take FMLA leave for CSE meetings
  • Provide appropriate documentation or certification, as required by the employer, to support the FMLA leave request
  • Follow the employer's established procedures for requesting FMLA leave
  • Return to work at the end of the approved FMLA leave period

It is important for employees to understand that FMLA leave is not an unlimited right but a valuable benefit designed to protect their job and family responsibilities.


In summary, the U.S. Department of Labor has clarified that FMLA leave can indeed be used for attending CSE meetings. As a business, it is crucial to comply with FMLA regulations and ensure that employees' rights are protected. By understanding the eligibility requirements, obligations, and considerations, both employers and employees can navigate the FMLA leave process effectively.

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