What are the Differences between Carter and Connors Funding and How Can a Parent Obtain Either One for Their Child's Private Special Education School

Jan 25, 2018


As a parent seeking high-quality education for your child with special needs, it is important to understand the differences between Carter and Connors funding options available for private special education schools. This comprehensive guide aims to provide you with detailed insights into these funding choices, their benefits, requirements, and the application process.

Understanding Carter Funding

Carter Funding is a state-funded program designed to support children with disabilities in accessing appropriate educational services. It aims to provide financial assistance to eligible families, empowering them to enroll their children in private special education schools. To be eligible for Carter Funding, certain criteria must be fulfilled, such as proof of disability, residency, and a comprehensive Individualized Education Program (IEP) outlining the child's educational needs and goals.

By obtaining Carter Funding, parents gain access to valuable resources and financial assistance, which can significantly alleviate the financial burden associated with private special education schools. The funding can cover various educational expenses, including tuition fees, necessary accommodations, therapy sessions, and other services essential for the child's growth and development.

Navigating Connors Funding

Connors Funding, on the other hand, is a federal program designed to provide financial assistance to families seeking private special education services for their children. It offers support to eligible families who may not qualify for Carter Funding or who require additional financial aid beyond what Carter Funding provides. Connors Funding aims to bridge the gap and enable access to quality education for all children with special needs.

In order to qualify for Connors Funding, families must meet certain requirements set by the federal government. These requirements may include income limitations, proof of disability, and a comprehensive evaluation report highlighting the child's specific educational requirements. Connors Funding aims to ensure that children with special needs receive the necessary support to excel academically and thrive in a safe and inclusive environment.

The Benefits of Carter and Connors Funding

Both Carter and Connors Funding can offer invaluable benefits to parents seeking private special education options for their children with special needs. These funding options provide financial assistance, allowing families to choose specialized schools tailored to their child's specific requirements.

By availing Carter or Connors Funding, parents can ensure that their child receives an education that is centered around their unique developmental needs. Private special education schools often have smaller class sizes, highly trained teachers, and access to specialized therapies and interventions. These factors contribute to a nurturing and supportive learning environment, promoting individual growth and development.

Application Process for Carter and Connors Funding

To obtain Carter or Connors Funding for your child's private special education school, it is crucial to understand the application process and provide all the necessary documentation. Each funding option has its own set of requirements, which must be met to ensure a successful application.

For Carter Funding, parents will need to gather documentation evidencing their child's disability, residency, and a detailed IEP. Additionally, they may need to submit financial information to determine eligibility. It is essential to review the specific requirements and guidelines provided by the state for a smooth application process.

Similarly, Connors Funding requires families to provide documentation proving their child's disability, income verification, and a comprehensive evaluation report. Parents should carefully review the federal guidelines and ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed accurately and submitted within the specified timeline.


Choosing the right funding option, whether it be Carter or Connors Funding, is a crucial decision when seeking private special education for your child. Understanding the differences, benefits, and application process for each funding avenue is key to maximizing the support available to you as a parent. By taking advantage of these funding options, you can provide your child with the best educational opportunities, ensuring their growth, success, and overall well-being.