Anthony Iadevaio of Valley Stream School District 24 wins state school board's highest award

Feb 10, 2022


Congratulations to Anthony Iadevaio of Valley Stream School District 24 for achieving a monumental milestone. We are proud to announce that Anthony Iadevaio has been awarded the highest honor by the state school board. This commendation acknowledges his outstanding contributions and commitment to excellence in education.

About Anthony Iadevaio

As an esteemed educator and leader, Anthony Iadevaio has dedicated his career to enriching the lives of students at Valley Stream School District 24. With his unwavering passion for education and innovative approach, Anthony has contributed significantly to the district's success.

The State School Board's Highest Award

The state school board's highest award is an esteemed recognition bestowed upon the most deserving individuals in the education sector. Anthony Iadevaio's exceptional achievements, leadership, and dedication have set him apart from his peers, earning him this prestigious accolade.

Valley Stream School District 24

Valley Stream School District 24, under the guidance of Anthony Iadevaio, has consistently delivered exceptional educational programs and services to its students. The district's commitment to nurturing students' growth and fostering a supportive learning environment has led to remarkable academic achievements.

Anthony Iadevaio's Contributions

Anthony Iadevaio's contributions as an educator and administrator have had a profound impact on Valley Stream School District 24. Through his visionary leadership, he has implemented innovative teaching methodologies, introduced technology-driven initiatives, and fostered collaborative environments to enhance student engagement and success.

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